Ten things we can all rely on.

In these turbulent times the air is thick with pronouncements of plague, the end of days, epochal shifts etc. It would be unusual not to be unsettled by this relentless torment and tumult. However the boffins at men should talk have come up with a list of items that they are utterly certain will not change during the course of the crisis and way, way beyond. Their aim is to anchor you in such fundamentals and find calm. We hope you find this helpful. 1. The media will continue to make confident pronouncements about the future (remember – these are… Read More »Ten things we can all rely on.

Mind Your Head

Dr Palmer put on an exhibition at “Construction Week” in 2019 at the NEC. Mind Your HEAD aims to get MEN in the construction industry TALKING about their mental health.

‘Men Should Talk – the outline of our approach’

The approach I take to therapy has at its core the three values of Understanding, Acceptance and Compassion. These values as I understand them are explained to the client in the consultation before we set about investigating how these values work through the four relationships men have to themselves. We conclude with a model of alignment and balance which clients use to re-orient themselves when times become difficult or challenging as inevitably they must.Understanding. While we are trapped in our own narratives it is difficult to develop any but the most limited narrow band understanding of ourselves. We are set… Read More »‘Men Should Talk – the outline of our approach’

MST Welcomes Associate Therapist, Ramon to the team…

Ramon is a therapist with education and experience of several different therapeutic traditions.  It was this experience combined with his warm and open manner that lead me to train him in my own method in 2019/2020.  Undergoing this treatment lead Ramon to make connections with his own past as well as helping him to see how the four relationships with others, thinking, emotions, and the body could be enhanced by regularly and patiently adopting my techniques. I have every faith that he will endeavor to integrate this new understanding into his always developing engagement with therapeutic processes.  His clients can… Read More »MST Welcomes Associate Therapist, Ramon to the team…

Dealing with the Virus

Using the brands’ three core principles of Understanding, Acceptance and Compassion the session will look at how we are all being affected by the crisis and suggest useful and practical changes.We will look at how your relationships with others, your thoughts, your emotions and your body have all been impacted but can be changed. Rather than being enfeebled by the virus we will help you find ways to take charge of these key relationships and feel stronger.  Rather than being used by the virus we will get you to a place where you can see a way to deepen your… Read More »Dealing with the Virus

Ten tips for getting through the virus – from

These tips offer the most useful ways of making the virus work for you. We are not ignorant of the massive economic and social changes the world is going through. But we also know that feelings of powerlessness in the face of these changes are going to make it much, much worse. Our aim here is the simple but important one of putting you in charge of your responses. Rather than offering you ways to react to the crisis we are promoting ways to make you proactive and connected. Yes – it is possible to emerge from this crisis stronger… Read More »Ten tips for getting through the virus – from

Mind Your Head

We are pleased to support MIND YOUR HEAD – a national campaign designed to promote mental wellbeing to men working in the construction industry in a straight-talking, no-nonsense and accessible way. MIND YOUR HEAD will launch with the “MATERIAL SUPPORT” exhibition at UK Construction Week 2019. Designed to champion the importance of mental health in construction, the exhibition will transform traditional building materials and manufacturer products into powerful works of art. Each featured artwork will be designed to carry a meaningful message related to mental wellbeing and raise awareness of the Mind Your Head campaign and its partners. Please find more information at


What if you woke up one day and got a text telling you that your whole life you’d been seeing people through a fixed gauze? This is not a great text to wake up to but maybe you manage to text back something like ‘WTF?’ But by then your messenger might have spread his charmless message onto someone else. So what if he’s right? Human beings are animals first. We are built to survive. In order to survive our system operates with a certain economy. For most of its (150,000-200,000 year) life homo sapiens has had to scan the environment… Read More »Gauze


It’s said in many different religious traditions that giving up ones attachments can be deeply liberating. While it’s certainly possible to understand this the process of giving up ones attachments is complex. Where to start? We might begin with attachments to Queen, State or country. This might sound simple but think a little about what the head of state might have meant to your parents or grandparents or your siblings. Have you inherited any of these views? Realising that you might have some residual attachments is only the first step in actually giving them up. Have you attachments to your… Read More »Attachments

Tight Jacket

The tight jacket is a tricky choice for men. If the body is trim and well proportioned the tight jacket shows it to good effect but if if its not then the man can end up looking like he’s in the process of exploding out of his body – right now. Step back! But this jacket is also indicative of the pressures that modern men are willing to put themselves under. The tight jacket is the male equivalent of the push up bra and just like that old advert it says “Hello Girls (or Boys)’ in flaunting the well defined… Read More »Tight Jacket